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travels of a tea lover in the United Kingdom

About Tea bee’s trips

 Dear visitors,


My name is Mélodie and I am 26 years old. Originally from the southwest of France, I have been living since September 2014 in Manchester.


But why Manchester ? This is the question that I ask myself every time I am riding my bike in the rain. And it rains a lot here!!!


Yes, I ride my bike every day to go to my work and not because it is good for my health (well, maybe a bit …) but more because the public transport costs at the end of the month become expensive.


To answer the question, after studying chemistry in France (Bachelor and Master degrees in Chemistry at the University of Nantes) I decided to do a PhD in Nuclear Chemistry. After several possibilities in Europe, my choice was for Manchester. PhD at the University of Manchester -looks good on a CV, right? The true motive was the excellent subject offered by the University of Manchester.


Why the name Tea Bee’s Trips ?


Tea: Tea lover since my earliest childhood, it was natural for me to create a blog, which talks about tea and my discovery of tea in the United Kingdom.

And on that point, unfortunately I have to say that I have been disappointed. Yes, sorry, my dear English friends! Sadly most of Brits don’t drink nice tea and instead use this crappy PG tea that they infuse too much and to which they add milk.


So, as an avid tea lover, I went to try these little tearooms which are present everywhere in UK. And in this blog, I will tell you their stories.


Bee: The word Bee came to me after a walking in the street of Manchester. The bee is the symbol of the city of Manchester and can be seen on all the public bins. For the record: the bee became the symbol of Manchester during the industrial revolution and represents all the workers who are busy every day running this city.

Working in Manchester, I feel like a little bee in the quest of the knowledge.


Trips: As you figured it out, this blog will also be dedicated to my visit around the world and especially UK. My discoveries, my advice and everything I learnt during my stay in Manchester.


And my partner in all this?


Well, he followed me! With a Master’s degree in law in his pocket, he was able to find a job in Manchester. One difficult thing for him was to decide which football team to support. But the choice was not so hard at the end: Manchester United. Living close to Old Trafford, he had to follow the football team of the area Moreover, the abundance of ales conquered his reluctance to stay in Manchester. As for the rain, coming from Nantes he was used to it.


I sincerely hope that you will find my blog enjoyable, that it will bring some answers to your questions and will give you an intense desire to travel.


All your comments, advice, questions, ideas are the most welcome. Why not spend an evening with us in Manchester?


Welcome to my world !!!




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