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Circular walk of 9 km

Level: Easy

Car Parking: Malham National Park Center (4.5 £ per day)

This circular hike passes through the Yorkshire Dale National Park and offers a magnificent view on the English countryside. This walk is very easy and accessible for people not used to walk and/or with young children. There are three places to absolutely see during this trip, which are the Janet’s Foss, Gordale Scar and Malham Cove.


From the parking, cross the national road and the river and follow the path that runs along the river towards the exit of the city. Arriving at a barrier turn left towards Janet’s Foss. Follow this track until you reach the waterfall of Janet’s Foss. The name of Janet comes from a fairy queen who lives in a cave behind the waterfall.

Then continue on the same path until you reach a national road. Walk along this road until arriving at the campsite and the trail towards Gordale Scar (on the left). Follow the trail to its end and you will find yourself in front of the waterfalls of Gordale Scar. It is possible to climb the waterfalls for the more experimented people if not go back on the same way in the opposite direction.

Between the campsite and the trail to go down to Janet’s Foss you will see a trail that goes up the hill (on the right at the small bridge) towards Malham Cove. Take this trail and follow it through fields until arriving in front of the Malham Cove cliff.

Malham Cove is unique in Britain and from the top you will have a breathtaking view over Yorkshire National Park. From Malham Cove follow the trail, which goes down to the village of Malham and the parking.


This hike is very well marked and even without a map you can’t be lost. It is also very busy so if you want a bit of tranquillity try to go there early in the morning or late afternoon. The village of Malham is very pretty and you will find small pubs to eat and drink something after the walk.

 We have just discovered this place and have to say that we were really impressed by the beauty of the scenery. It is definitely one of the most beautiful hikes we have done so far in UK.


Do you know the Yorkshire Dale?