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General information:

Tenerife is part of the archipelago of the Canary Islands. It is also the largest of the 7 islands with 43% of the population of the islands that lives in Tenerife. The island is served by two airports: one in the north near the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the other in the south next to Los Abrigos. This makes this island one of the favourite destinations for tourists.

Tenerife is also called the island of eternal spring due to its favourable climate which offers a temperature around 20-30°C all year around. The tourist season is therefore always at its maximum but a peak happens in February / March during the carnival.



Because this island is very touristy, Tenerife is made up of large hotel complexes all along the coast. The vast majority of hotels are located on the South Coast between Los Gigantes and Santa Cruz de Tenerife and around Puerto de la Cruz. To be tranquil and escape from the mass of tourists it will be necessary to go further into the lands by choosing an accommodation in the mountains of Anaga or between Masca and Puerto de la Cruz or in the National Park of Teide.



It is preferable to rent a car from a local agency to be able to access the most remote corner of the island. The buses are quite reliable, we tested them during our hike in Masca but the buses in the countryside rarely pass. The car is therefore the best way to visit Tenerife.


We rented an Ibiza Seat at Auto Plus Car for 20 € / day. This rental company accepts debit card payments.

Regarding the gasoline, there are plenty of service stations all over the island except in the mountains of Anaga.



The beaches of Tenerife are very rocky and it is quite difficult to swim. To facilitate bathing the towns have created natural pools on their beaches. You will therefore have to go to one of these swimming pools to enjoy a swim.

The beach at El Medano is the prettiest beach we have tested and is perfect for an afternoon relaxing in family.


Dining options:

During our stay we were able to test a few restaurants and here are our favourites.

El Chamo at La Escalona

Located on the road to the Teide this traditional restaurant offers generous and excellent cuisine. To test: the wine of the house.

The Martelika in Playa San Juan

Located along the sea, this modern restaurant offers gourmet and sophisticated meals. To test: the tapas à la carte.

 Fuori di Zucca in El Medano

Located in a pedestrian street in the town of El Médano, this restaurant is one of the few vegetarian restaurants on the island. The food is very well presented and delicious. They serve alcohol, which is rare for a vegetarian restaurant. To test: their seitan.




During our stay we did 4 lovely walks in different parts of the island.

a road trip in the Anaga Mountains

the visit of the volcano Teide

the gorges of Masca

– a hike in the Malpais de Guimar


Tenerife is a very interesting island to visit and it is easy to find something to do for 15 days just by hiking. Many people go there just to relax on the beaches and swimming pools of the hotels. In any case, there is something for everyone.


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Have you ever been to Tenerife? Which place did you like the most?