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For our last day in Tenerife we decided to go for a short hike in the Reserva Natural del Malpaís de Güímar. This park is part of the city of Güímar. Malpaís de Güímar is a volcanic area where it is possible to see dried lava extending into the sea.

This hiking trail reveals the diversity of the island’s soils and offers magnificent views over the sea. The vegetation is diversified thanks to this multitude of soils, which makes this area unique.

This hike is easy but always under the sun. It is a circular trail of around 4 km (2h) for the small loop. It is possible to increase it by passing behind the Montaña Grande. Unfortunately even if the trail runs along a good part of the coast, it is not possible to stop for a small swim as there is no safe beach.


Here are the steps to do this walk:

-Park your car close to the Calle Marques de Santa Cruz in the village of Puertito de Güímar. This street is a cul de sac. Follow this street until you see a sign on the left indicating the direction of Montaña Grande.

-Follow the path until arriving at a fork. Turn right towards El Socorro. Follow the path until arriving at a path that goes towards the sea in the direction of Montaña de la Mar.

– Always follow the path that runs along the coast and passes through the lava fields. The road comes back to Marques de Santa Cruz Street.


This hike was the last ones that we did during our holiday in Tenerife and it ended this 5 days beautifully.

Do you know Malpaís de Güímar?