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The Ladybower Reservoir is a nice place for a Sunday walk. There is plenty of parking (park and pay) along the lake and there is even a small cafe and ice cream shop at the end of the road. The parking along the A57 Snake Road is free. We went twice there and both times it was crowded. So if you want to be sure to find a place go there early in the morning.

There are several walking trails leaving from the reservoir. I give you two in this article.


Trail 1: Circular around Ladybower reservoir

Level: Easy

Departure: anywhere along the reservoir

The lake is surrounded by a hiking trail with two bridges at each end to reach the other side. This trail is cover in concrete all along and flat. It is therefore an easy hike to do in family. At the same time, you should go to see the Derwent Dam. It will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete the tour.


Trail 2: Circular around Ashopton and Ladybower.

Level: Middle

Departure: Parking along the A57

This hike is a bit harder than the previous one because it is steeper. It begins by following the right side of the reservoir before turning to the right to follow the trail that climbs to the high pastures. From there you will have a magnificent view on the lake and the surrounding valley.

Here are the steps to make this hike:

-From the parking along the A57 take the right side of the lake. Follow the path until you meet a path on your right in the direction of Derwent Moor. If you wish instead of taking the path to the right you could first go to Derwent Dam and have a look at the ancient village of Derwent buried under the waters.


-If you have chosen to go as far as Derwent Dam turn back in order to find the path that goes towards Derwent Moor.

– Once on this trail, follow it through the fields. Once you arrive at the top of the hill turn right towards Ashopton.

-Follow the trail that goes down to Ashopton and the A57.


Do you know Ladybower Reservoir? Do you want to do this hike?