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During our second day in Tenerife, we went to see the Teide volcano. We bought the tickets online (27 € per person) one week in advance. We went there early in the morning (9am) and it was a good idea because as it is a popular activity for tourists and the cable car is more and more late at each trip. So, if you do not want to wait for hours we advise you to go there in the morning.


The cable car takes you from the base of the volcano up to about ¾ of the summit in 15 min. There is free parking at the cable car station but it begins to be full after 10am.


Once we got to the top, we went on two small 30-minute treks on each side of the volcano. We started by trail no. 11 which goes to the mirador of the fortaleza and then went to no. 12 in the direction of the mirador Pico Viejo. The views from these two paths are astonishing, as Matthieu would say “it is breathtaking” and you will need a lot of breath to climb to the top of the summit. Some people therefore cannot climb or will have a lot of trouble breathing once there.


It is possible to reach the crater of the volcano by the trail n ° 10 but it is necessary to request a free authorisation on this site. Unfortunately for us, we did it too late and it was full. Try to ask for this authorisation at least 2 months in advance if you want to be sure to have space.


Moreover, if you wish, you can walk down to the bottom of the volcano. You will find the possible trails on the cable car site. We chose the easy option and took the cable car back down.


There are several roads to go to the peak of Teide, since we had an accommodation in Escalona we went to the volcano by the TF51, which leaves from Playa de las Américas and passes through Arona. If you have time make a detour through the village of Vilaflor. The Parque Nacional del Teide is just amazing. At eight o’clock in the morning the roads were deserted, alone in the middle of this vast expanse of rocks and dry lava, we were in beatitude. Along the way, you will find some mirador to stop and admire the view.


After the visit of the volcano, we decided to go to the beach and have a look at the famous banana plantations. Because that morning we were not very awake we had to go home to get our swimsuits that we had forgotten before heading back to the beach. But if you are more organised several roads are possible for you once you have visited the Volcano.


You can :

– at the exit of the parking take on the left on the TF21 towards the valley of the Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz.

– or go walking through the Teide National Park

– or turn right onto the TF21 towards Arona and then the TF38 towards Chio and Guia de Isora (this is the one we planned to do).


So we went home and took the motorway to reach Chio. Finally, there is not much to see in Chio so disappointed, we turned back direction Guia de Isora. The road between the volcano and Chio must however be magnificent. After Guia de Isora, we took the TF82 then followed the direction of Playa de San Juan. This road runs along immense greenhouses full of banana trees. It is therefore the perfect place to realise the importance of this culture on the island. Moreover it is absolutely necessary to test the Tenerife’s bananas. For the record, with Matthieu as we strolled through the streets of San Juan we entered a small store selling bananas (0.5 € per kilo). We took 2 to test them and then we went to the cashier to pay them. The casher asked us: “solo dos?” Esta para mi “(only two, it’s for me I offer them). So we came out of the store with our two free bananas.



The beach of San Juan is closed by a seawall, which classified this beach as a natural swimming pool. The town is touristy but not too much and the beach is sand. We decided to spend the end of the afternoon on the quiet beach and then eat in one of the many restaurants on the seafront before heading back home. Unfortunately we could not enjoy the quietness of this beach to bathe because in addition to fairly fresh water, a jellyfish family had decided to elect residence.


Have you visited the Teide volcano? Do you know the beach of San Juan?