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For the second tea club’s meeting we went to Cacoa Cabana in Didsbury. Cacoa Cabana is not really a tearoom but a chocolate shop that serves hot chocolates and offers to their guests the opportunity to make afternoon tea based on chocolate. Opened in 2012 by Sarah Gallacher this store is quite small and has place for only one table plus a few extra tables outside.

They served us a selection of 3 sandwiches (vegetarian options available) with scones and mini-pastry. Instead of the strawberry jam that often accompanies the scones, this time we had some dulce de leche. It was delicious with warm scones.

The atmosphere is warm and given that we were the only table it gave us a feeling of exclusiveness.

This place is perfect for chocolate lovers. Their wide selection of hot chocolates will delight you.


Useful information:


Afternoon tea at £ 16.95

Possibility to book a table (max 10 people) in advance.

No parking on site but possible to park in the streets around

Tram: West Didsbury at 5 min walking distance


Do you know this Cacoa Cabana? What do you think ?