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For this first vacation day we decided to take a drive to the north of the island in the Anaga Mountains.

This part of the island has been preserved from the onslaught of tourists and is therefore more rural and authentic than the rest of the island. The climate is also less arid than in the south and the vegetation (especially the trees) is denser and lush.


After a stop at the Mercado de Nuestra Senora de Africa, which is the biggest traditional market in Tenerife, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife for a food supply, we headed to the village of San Andrés by the TF11 to begin our tour of the Mountains.



Just before arriving at San Andrés follow the direction of El Bailadero on the TF12 (on the left at the roundabout). Directly after the village of San Andrés the road begins to climb in the mountains and offers magnificent views over the bay of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The roads are in good condition for mountain roads but there are parts where the roads look out on the void. Also checked that you have enough gasoline before going on the TF12 as there will be no gas station before arriving at La Laguna (Don’t do as we did, we ended up in the fuel reserve).


Before El Bailadero take the TF134 towards Almáciga and Benijo. We had a picnic break on the Benijo beach. It is a well-known place for surfers. You will have to leave in the opposite direction to return on the TF12 and take the direction of La Laguna.


We decided that because we were in the Anaga Mountains we wanted to go to the village of Afur and hike to Tamadite beach. To do this, take the TF136 towards Afur. Arriving at the village of Afur you will find a free parking. The walk starts from the parking and takes about 1 hour to reach the beach (count two good hours with the return). The hiking trail is well marked and secured but it is always in full sunlight. So take a lot of water with you. It ends on a beach of pebbles / black sand. Unfortunately it is not easy to swim, as there are rocks all over the water and lots of waves. We climbed back the hiking trail towards the car and the town of La Laguna.


Throughout the TF12 you will have magnificent views of the Anaga Mountains and the coast. Arrived at La Laguna we filled up the car (yes we had a moment of panic when the light of the fuel reserve turned on in the middle of the mountain) and took the direction of Tegueste / Bajamar / Punta Del Hidalgo on the TF13.


We wanted to go to see the famous “Piscinas Naturales” which are either beach protected by rocks or pools overlooking the sea. After stopping in Punta del Hidalgo to observe the view we went swimming in the natural pool of Bajamar.


The concept of this pool is quite interesting. They built a seawater pool near the beach. It is possible to see the waves crashing on the rocks from the pool. After a wonderful sunset on the beach / pool it was time to go home.


Do you know the Anaga Mountains? Have you tested the natural pools?