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For Matthieu’s birthday we decided to go to the restaurant. Since it had been a while that I wanted to try a taster menu and I had seen that Allotment was offering a vegan one, we thought it was the perfect time to taste it.


The Allotment is a very young restaurant, which opened in august 2016. This restaurant offers gourmet vegan cuisine. You can choose from à la carte dishes, including a 3-course menu for £25 on Sundays, or a tasting menu.


The Taster menu includes 9 courses for a price of £55. The restaurant doesn’t have the license to serve alcohol but they allow their guests to bring their own bottles.

We had chosen to drink tea that day. I opted for a mint tea while Matthieu took a Chinese green tea. I think the harmony of the tea with the dishes was perfect.



The restaurant, decorated with plants, vegetables and fruits, is elegant and welcoming. The waitresses were smiling and pleasant. The kitchen is open on the reception area, which allowed us to watch the chef preparing our dishes. The service of the 9 dishes lasted around 2h30.


Let’s have a look at the menu:

-Amuse bouche: tomato gaspacho with a basil and mint cracker and a basil cream.

-Game Chips and Cashew Butter: white sweet potato chips with cashew butter.

-Soup of the Day: mushroom, celery rave and parsnips soup with on top grilled capers accompanied by kale chips.



-Winter Garden: avocado, pear and fennel tartare with a vanilla and fennel gel and pickles carrots.

-Tastes of the Sea: a dish made up of artichoke under different shapes with mushrooms, ocean herbs and rice cake.

-Cheese & Onion: a dish composed of confit shallot with a white sweet potato puree with some mushrooms and other vegetables to accompany.


-Pre-dessert: a kind of chocolate brownie with a nut crumble.

-Panna Cotta & Tea-steeped Yoghurt: black sesame Panna Cotta with a lemon sorbet and a matcha tea and coconut yogurt sauce.

-Cheeseboard: a selection of three cheeses made from nut milks. The first was with cashew milk, the second with almond milk and the third with fermented macadamia nut milk. The whole thing was accompanied by a beetroot chutney, some crackers and grapes.



All dishes were amazingly good. The taste of each ingredient was present and subtle and gave a perfect harmony to each dish. The ingredients used were uncommon and worked in a magnificent way in order to reveal the best of them. It was a very nice experience for us. The dish we liked the least was the cheese tray at the end of the meal. I think we were full so it was difficult for us to appreciate it. Maybe if it had been placed before the pre-dessert we could have enjoyed it.


We recommend without hesitation this restaurant and we invite you to visit their Instagram page to get a glimpse of their menu and the beauty of their dishes.


Do you know this restaurant? Have you ever done a tasting menu?