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Australia is full of animals from the most harmless to the most dangerous. Indeed, it is possible to find in Australia crocodiles, sharks, snakes that can kill you in the hour, spiders, jellyfish … In short a beautiful panel of animals.


In this article I wanted to tell you about the animals that you can observe in the vicinity of Perth whether it is in the wild or in an animal park.


Where is the head?

Although there are many animals, it is not always easy to see them in the big cities but there are some places that are perfect to observe them.


Indeed, the Quokkas are only visible on the island of Rottnest where they abound as I mentioned in my previous article. They are not afraid and will approach you easily to beg for food or to steal it in your bag when you have your back turned.


To see the sea lions you will have to go near Seal Island. This island in front of the town of Rockingham (south of Perth) is forbidden to the public. The only way to get there is by boat or kayak. One morning my friend Steve offered me to go kayaking and watch these famous sea lions. So we park the car on the small beach in front of the island and used our kayaks to reach the island. Arrived at about 300 meters from the island Steve told me: ” Do you see all the sea lions lying on the beach”. I, who had never seen some, replied: “No, I see nothing except large rocks.” And then he started to laugh and he says to me: “No, they are not rocks but sea lions.” Indeed, we approached to the shore of the beach and we were able to observe these animals lying in the sun among hundreds of birds. One of them decided to come and see who was on the kayaks and came out of the water within a yard of me.

Hello you !


The best-known animal of Australia is of course the kangaroo. In general the kangaroos come out at night and it is at sunset or dawn that it is the easiest to see them in the countryside. But if you do not have any luck, it is possible to see them on Heirisson Island. This island, in the centre of Perth, is the home of around 20 kangaroos. Access to the island is free. I was lucky enough during a trip with some friends in Margaret River to see a kangaroo colony in the field.


A bird that has the sweet cry of a crying child also colonizes Perth. I do not remember the name of this bird I think it was the black cockatoo. Unfortunately, I had a family who was living in the tree in front of my window and of course they woke up when I was going to sleep. After nights of work (because I was working at night) I do not tell you how I hate this bird with a baby cry. Fortunately the earplugs exist.


It is also possible to see birds and pelicans along the Swan River. It is a nice place to kayak or stand up paddle.


If unfortunately you don’t have the chance to observe these animals in their natural habitats, you can see them in the animal parks.


The aquarium of Western Australia is a great place to observe sharks, manta ray and jellyfishes of all kinds. Although the price is a bit excessive, it is definitely worth it.


Perth has also a Zoo with a lot of reptiles and African animals. But I did not visit it.


Instead we went to Caversham Park in the Swan Valley. This animal park is huge and it took us the day to see all the animals. The price of entry is also excessive but you will have the opportunity to see koalas, wombats, birds of all colours, snakes and a multitude of marsupials.


Although I prefer to see the animals in full freedom I enjoyed visiting the aquarium and the animal park. Because I think that in 5 months I spent there unfortunately I would not have had the opportunity to see all these animals in the nature.


Have you ever seen one of these animals? What animals would you like to see?