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When we travel in Australia, we are always amazed by the landscape. In this article I wanted to show you the different colors of the Australian soils. During my internship I had to do chemical analyses on soils samples taken in various locations in Australia and I was able to observe a color palette ranging from pure white as snow to black as volcanic rock.

To prove my statements, I will talk about two areas near Perth where you can see golden color sand and another place where the sand is extremely white.

So one morning Nolwenn, Steve and I left Perth to visit two places that are the Pinnacles Desert and the dunes near Lancelin.


Pinnacles Desert:

The Pinnacles Desert is a desert located in the Nambung National Park, 19 km from the town of Cervantes, which is itself located about 200 km north of Perth. The park entrance fee is about AUS $ 12 for a car. Just follow the road during a short distance and you will find yourselves in the middle of this desert full of rocks all with different shapes. This landscape is often compared to science fiction movie scenery. History says that this desert is old of millions of years and is the result of sand erosion, originally formed by a cluster of broken shells, by water and wind.

During the visit it was nice to sit on the rocks and to steal all the warmth they had accumulated. This place is exotic because it is in no way recognisable with a landscape that we could find in Europe. The quiet there is both relaxing and stressful.

On the way back, we stopped in Lancelin.



The Sand dunes of Lancelin:

The town of Lancelin is famous for its sand dunes of white sand where it is possible to practice the sandboard. Sandboarding is a popular sport in this part of Australia. It consists of ride down the sand dunes on wooden board. And in this case no need for special equipment and warm clothes, just a good pair of sunglasses and shorts + t-shirts are doing perfectly the job. The only problem is that there is no lift to go up. You will have to go up the dune walk with the board under his arm. It is possible to rent the Sandboards in the center of the city.

We loved doing sandboarding. During the first run I was not very reassured and I tried by sitting on the board. But then I was taken in the game and I did the other descents standing up on the sandboard. The dunes are not very high and the descent was fast. It’s really something you have to try if you are around there.

Some people were also playing with their quads or 4*4 in the dunes. You can find organized day trips from Perth.




I have very good memories of that day, which was tiring and full of emotions. I drove for the first time on the other side of the road and it was very funny. Now that I live in England I find this normal.


Have you tested the sandboard? Have you tested other uncommun sports?