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Our favorite activity on holiday is to discover the culinary specialties of the place we visit. During our stay in Copenhagen we were delighted to see that food has an important place in this city. During these three days we had time to discover some traditional dishes / desserts such as: smørrebrød, Ris with the almond and Kanelsnurrer.


The smørrebrød is an open sandwich using bread made from black rye flour. The topping varies according to the tastes of each one. It is a dish that is usually eaten cold. The one we tested was a vegetarian smørrebrød with potatoes, onions, cream, egg and herbs.


The Almond Ris is a traditional Christmas dessert. It looks like rice pudding on which they pour a cherry sauce. Inside they insert an almond and everyone must eat until a person finds the almond hidden.


The Kanelsnurrer is a kind of cinnamon bun. This little viennoiserie accompanies perfectly a tea or coffee. This pastry is a must to try during your stay in Copenhagen.



To test these traditional meal nothing better than going for a walk in the covered market of Torvehallerne or the street food of Papirøen.


The covered market of Torvehallerne gathers around sixty stalls of food and drink of all kinds: bread, fish, meat, olive oil, beer etc … It is a very pleasant place to have a small snack between two visits. If you want to taste the Kanelsnurrer, the small shop Grannys house offers fabulous ones.


The street food of Papirøen, also known as Experimentarium City, is an ancient paper factory that has been rehabilitated in a covered space where all the cuisines of the world meet. This is a pretty unusual place and has to be visited even though we found the prices a bit high. You will find there a small restaurant to test the smørrebrød.


For tea lovers like us, we advise you have a look at the shops of Østerlandsk Thehus and A. C. Perch’s.



Østerlandsk Thehus is located on Nørre Voldgade near Nørreport bus / metro station. This shop has an excellent choice of tea, coffee but mostly tea service. The shop is beautiful, multi-colored tea boxes decorate the walls. A wonderful smells invade the visitor as soon as they passe the door. We opted for a black tea HC Andersen blend in reference to the author of the little mermaid. It is a flavour black tea with notes of vanilla and flowers notes. 48 DKK per 100 g.


AC. Perch’s is the most famous tea shop in Copenhagen because it is where the royal family buy their tea. It is located in the shopping street of Kronprinsensgade. This tiny shop was the first tea shop in Europe. The place has kept its original character with its old ornament and tea service. We tested the Hygge which is a mixture of Ceylon and Darjeeling. The taste is rawer than the HC Andersen blend. 40DKK per 100g. They also have a tearoom if you wish to do an afternoon tea.


For a lunch break between visits we recommend you to go in one of these two restaurants: Mums and Souls.


The Mums is a small restaurant (only 4 tables) that serves a fresh menu using seasonal ingredients. It offers soups, sandwiches, salads and other hot dishes at very reasonable prices. About, 45 DKK the sandwich. The food is very good and the choice of food quite varied. The menu changes daily and varies during the day depending on the demands.


Souls is a popular vegan restaurant. Therefore it is highly recommended to book a table in advance. The cuisine is fresh with local and original products. The atmosphere is serene and the waiters pleasant. We tested the brunch menu with raspberry lemonade.


To finish our culinary journey we tested the Hygge atmosphere by taking a hot chocolate at the Mormors and by playing a board game while sipping a beer with friends at The Bastard Cafe. We loved the concept of this bar, which is original. If only we had the same thing in Manchester.


Hope you enjoyed this article, you can find our article about our visits here.


Which Danish specialties have you tested and liked?