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This year for my birthday and because Matthieu had still some days off to take we decided to visit Copenhagen during 4 days.

As soon as we arrived at the airport, we were struck by the cleanliness of the buildings and streets and the friendliness of the people. The majority of people speak English so we did not have any problem to communicate with them and to ask them our way or information.

Because our friend Kush lived a little bit outside the center of Copenhagen, we had to take the metro and the bus to get to his apartment. We took the tourist ticket of 72h (DKK 200 per person, bus + train + unlimited metro). The public transport service pleasantly surprised us. The stations in the buses or metro are well indicated by TV screens or oral announcements. Possible connections and the time remaining before arriving at each subway station or bus stop are even indicated. We found it very easy to get around by bus and metro because everything is well explained. Buses also run during the night, which is nice when you want to go out late at night.



Copenhagen is a beautiful city to visit but also to live. We talked with Kush, his roommates and Emilie of the blog Cysteine in Copenhagen, all expatriates in Copenhagen for a few years due to their work. They told us about their love for this city and their desire to spend the rest of their lives there. This feeling of wonder, fascination and love for Copenhagen has invaded us during our walks. The wide and airy streets, the parks, the buildings letting the light going in and the cleanliness of the city give the impression of walking in a small town. This feeling of oppression that we can sometimes feel in some large cities is totally imperceptible in Copenhagen. The multitude of bikes and this impression of safety bring an inevitable charm.


Obviously we had come to visit the city but since in November it was cold we traveled most of the time on foot or by bus and stopped in small restaurants / tearooms to warm us up. In two full days of visit we had a good overview of the city and its richnesses. We did not have the time and the desire to do the museums since we were rather gone with a desire to wander in the streets of the city.

Nyhavn Street

There are still some tourist places that we visited and here they are:

  • The changing of the royal guard: This is something I wanted to see during our stay in Copenhagen. Every day at 11:30 am the guards leave their barracks on Gothersgade and march towards the Amalienborg Palace. They walk through the streets of the city center cutting traffic to cars. It is possible to follow them along their way and take pictures. Arrived at the palace, they will stay there all day. It’s a nice sight to see.


  • The Little Mermaid: From the Palais Amalienborg it is possible to reach the little mermaid along the quays or by cutting through the Kastellet. This can turn into a circular walk of about 1 hour. The tourists overflow to see the little mermaid and take a picture with her. Set on a small rock, she faces the visitors. We found her in very good condition and well placed in the middle of this industrial landscape.


  • The Kastellet: On the way back we went through the Kastellet. It is a fort with the shape of a star which dates from 1662 and belongs to the army. It is possible to walk along the ramparts and cross the fort on foot.


  • Nyhavn Street is the most famous street in Copenhagen because it is often present on postcards. This street separated by a canal entrance is composed of house with multicolored facades. The ground floor of each house is a very expensive restaurant or bar.


  • The district Christianshavn: This district surrounded by water is full of atypical houses and boats. It is a nice place to walk and take your eyes full.


Botanical garden


  • The community of Christiania: It is an independent community of the Danish government in which about 1000 people live. It is known for being a place where it is possible to buy drugs but also for its concerts and scientific presentations. We did not necessarily enjoy this part of Copenhagen but it is something to see because of its originality.


  • The parks and the botanical garden: Copenhagen is full of parks: Frederiksberghave, Ørstedsparken, Fælledparken, Botaniskhave, Kongenshave … All these parks bring freshness, openness and brightness to the city. The one we liked is the Botaniskhave or the botanical garden. Nothing like a botanical garden to take a break and relax before returning to visit the city.


  • The Palace of Rosenborg: Very nice palace built in 1624 surrounded by the gardens of the king (Kongenshave). A good point of view on the changing of the guard.


The little mermaid


After all these visits we had to test the Danish gastronomy and we were not disappointed. The Danish cuisine is fresh, tasty with plenty of choice for vegetarians. But all this, you will discover it in the next article dedicated to Copenhagen cuisine.

We had a great time in Copenhagen and we would recommend you to visite it.

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Do you know Copenhagen?