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If you’ve always dreamed of shooting one of your friends with a bow this game is for you.

Archery tag is a team game such as the laser game or paintball in which you have to aim at the opposing team using bows and arrows. Obviously the arrows are not sharp but locked in a big piece of foam.

Longbow Events offers this game in their local in the outskirts of Liverpool.

How is the game going?

Very simple after a brief introduction on the history of archery and the rules to follow as well as the protections to wear (mask, elbow) the person in charge of the game divided us into 4 teams of 8 players. He showed us how to use bows and arrows and then took us to the game playground. This playground is composed of lines on the floor that delimit the side of each team with the neutral zone in which we cannot be attacked. On each side of this line is a target with 5 discs. In each camp there are inflatable pillars behind which players can hide.

The goal of the game is to drop the 5 discs of the target of the opposing team. For that we had the right to even shoot at the opposing players. If we were hit we had to wait on the side 30 seconds before we could re-enter in the game.

About every 10 minutes the teams were changed and a new game started.

After meeting each team once and making a final between the two best teams, the manager suggested us to have a new game in which this time the goal was to only shoot the opposing players and our teammates until only the winner remains.

What did I think?

I’m not a fan of the laser game or paintball and actually when my colleagues asked me to play with them I was reluctant. Finally I tried and I found it quite amusing. It does not hurt and the bows are easy to handle for people who have never done archery like me before. I found the principle of being able to shoot my opponents quite funny and the fact of being in team for the game alleviated my fear. Overall I had a lot of fun even though I spent more time getting shot than playing.

Useful information:


– parking: yes

– duration: minimum 2h of play + explanation time

– number of participants: at least 12

– Dress: preferably sport dress, take something warm because it is a little cold in the room

– protection: everything is provided

Do you know this game? If yes, have you already played it? If not, would you like to try it?