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Last January (2016) we got a little bit of snow in Manchester and Peak District. To enjoy these few centimetres of snow we went for a hike in the Goyt Valley in Peak District.


This location is only accessible by car and it will take about one hour to get there from Manchester. But the trip is worth it. We parked in the parking along the Errwood reservoir and made a 6 km circular walk across the snow.


As usual, there were not many people walking around in spite of a beautiful sun. It is a shame that few people go to Peak District as it is truly a beautiful place. At the same time, it’s better for us, like this we are not bothered and can plainly enjoy our hike and forget the civilization for a day.


This walk is very pleasant with sublime views on the English countryside. There are still some parts which are quite steep even though most of this hike is easy.


Here is the information needed for this hike:


1- Parking along Errwood reservoir, Buxton.

2- From the car park follow the road to Stake Side and Cat and Fiddle.

3- Follow the road for a while before turning on the right and then left in the direction of Errwood Hall.

4- Pass the ruins and cross the river.

5- Turn left towards Pym Chair.

6- After a moment turn right towards Foxlow Edge.

Then go down to the parking.


If you want to walk a little more follow the direction of Shining Tor then Cats Tor then Pym Chair then Foxlow Edge instead of following Errwood Hall.


Do you know this walk? Where do you go for a walk in Peak District?