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I discovered this tea brand during our visit to Tatton Park. Having never heard of them before, I quickly did some researches on Internet and order some teas.


Tea from the Manor is the idea of James Green, a former soldier, who during his travels abroad felt in love with tea. Back in the civil life, he decided to open his own brand of tea to provide teas from all over the world to his customers.


Tea from the Manor offers loose teas, tea bags and some tea accessories. Most loose teas are at £3.50 per 100 g except a few rare teas that are slightly more expensive. These teas are really affordable compared to some other brands on the market.


For my first order I tested:

Earl Gray: This black tea is a great classic and I wanted to compare it to the Earl Gray that I usually buy in Whittard shop. The quality of this tea is very good and taste similar.

Blue Lady: This black tea is a mixture of Chinese tea with grapefruit aromas. It was a great discovery for me and is now one of my favourite black teas.

Assam: It is a black tea of India, which has a neutral and stronger taste than the two previous black teas. It is perfect in the morning to accompany a sweet cake.

Oolong: This tea whose comes from China and Taiwan can be classified between a black tea and a green tea. It has a plain taste and I found it less strong than the Assam. It is perfect to drink in the late afternoon / early evening.

Valentine: This one is an herbal infusion with the smells of rose, hibiscus, apple and orange. I like to drink it after eating, to finish my meal on a sweet note. A little bit acidic (if you don’t add sugar), it will perfectly accompany a small piece of cake or a square of dark chocolate.

Chun Mee: China Green Tea, Chun Mee is a very well known and popular tea. It is quite bitter with a good taste of plants / herbs. It may not be with this one that you should start if you have never drunk green tea.

Marrocan Mint: A green tea with dry mint flavours. A real delight to drink at the end of meals. The mint is present without being too strong. A tea to test by all the mint tea lovers. £ 3.50 per 50 g.

Silver Needle: White tea from China that can be enjoyed slowly to appreciate its full flavour. It is a very light tea and noble in taste. £ 3.50 per 25 g.

Apple and ginger infusion: Infusion with the taste of apples and ginger. Very refreshing and perfect for the evening. The taste of ginger is subtle and does not hide the apple. I don’t like ginger and I still enjoyed this tea.


Free delivery in UK from £30 order. In addition, customer service is effective. I thought my order was lost but after investigation on their part it turned out that my package had arrived to my concierge with a wrong address.


To conclude, Tea from the Manor is a good tea brand with a small selection of quality tea for reasonable prices.

It was a pleasant discovery for me.

Do you know this brand?