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Chester, located in Cheshire, is at around 1h30 by train or 1 hour by car from Manchester. It is an ideal destination for a day trip. Chester is an old Roman town cross by the River Dee.


Chester has the largest Roman fortifications still intact in Britain. Indeed, it is possible to walk on the wall that surrounds the city for 2 miles and follow the path of the ancient Roman soldiers watching in the case of an imminent attack. The view on Chester from the top of the wall is just beautiful. An amazing clock sits on the eastern gate of the wall. It was built during the Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897 and is today one of the symbols of the city of Chester.




Chester is also known for its racecourse, The Roodee, which is the oldest in England. Keep in mind that visiting Chester during a race day can be stressful and harder to find a place to park and eat. From one part of the wall, it is possible to have a view on the racecourse.


Chester Cathedral is also pleasant to visit. The entrance is free of charge for a simple visit of the main prayer room but the access to the 200 steps tower and the guide tour of the cathedral required a small fee.




The pedestrian streets of the town are ideal for wondering, stopping in small shops and make new discoveries. Each house has a different architecture that makes the city lovely to visit.


The ancient amphitheater and Roman baths help to realize the importance of Roman influence in the history of the city.


To get away from the crowd and the busyness of the shopping streets, simply walk towards Grosvenor Park and the banks of the Dee River to a possible boat trip. It is a very peaceful place where families like to walk.


A fun and free way to see the city is to use Geocaching application. For those unfamiliar with this concept, Geocaching, is a sort of treasure hunt. Therefore you will have to scavenge the city in search of small boxes. It’s a good way to know a city because in general the boxes are hidden in the most interesting places of the city. Great activity to do with children or friends.




Outside of Chester is Chester Zoo, which is well known. We did not visit it so we can’t tell you more about it. If you have visited it, we would be happy to know your opinion.


Overall we enjoyed this city even though we went during a race day and it was overcrowded. The city is interesting to visit. We had a good time with friends.

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Have you been to Chester? Did you like this town ?