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If France can sometimes be considered pompously as the wine country (yes! We are not the only ones to produce good wine), UK could definitely be the country of beers or more precisely ales. Although, Germany and Belgium would surely have a say about it. I consider the local beers from UK to be the best ones that I had the opportunity to taste so far.

Therefore these local beers have a name: Ales. There are three main types of beer: the lagers, the lambics and the ales. What differentiates these categories is the degree of fermentation. The beer is obtained thanks to the must, which is made of plant or extracted from plants. The yeast should be added to the must in order to produce alcohol. Thus the fermentation can be low, high or spontaneous. It is the high fermentation that is used in the manufacture of ales, typical beers in UK. This fermentation generally gives to the ales a fruity or stronger taste. The Ales are also less loaded with carbon dioxide. This is a good point for those who feel a little bit bloated after drinking a few beers. The ales are usually easier to drink than the lagers. However, their tastes can sometimes surprise people. I’m not a connoisseur but when I drink a lager (eg: Heineken, Stella, San Miguel, Budweiser …), I feel I always drink the same thing. That said, I do not necessarily appreciate the “lagers blades” and that I had the opportunity to taste a handful of brown lagers. This leaves me with the amber lagers that I find difficult to differentiate.

If you like beer or not really, it is likely that you will find an Ale to your taste. There are several kinds: Pales Ales, Ales Ruby, Amber and Black Ales. It’s difficult in this article to describe their tastes. I can only advise you to stop by one of the many pubs that contain the United Kingdom and to test these beers. Ales are all produced locally. Consequent each pubs have their own selection. You can simply ask the bartender to show you, what the English call, the Beer studio. You can test them first and then ask for a pint (500ml) or half-pint (250ml). I confirm that you can test all Ales in any pub and this is something completely normal. So do not be shy!

If you want to buy Ales in Manchester, I suggest you go to the grocery store Booths located in Media City UK. They have a wide selection at low prices. There are also some small shops such as Beermoth in the center of Manchester but the prices are more expensive.

I hope you enjoyed this article and feel free to tell me more about your favourite ale.

by Matthieu