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A few months ago I was talking about Northern Harvest’s fruit, vegetables and salad boxes. Today I will present Abel & Cole’s ones.

There are several companies that offer boxes at different prices, of different sizes and compositions. So we wanted to see which one was the best for us.


In this order we tested the boxes “Super Juicing” and “Green Juicing”. Here is what we received:

– 1.5 kg of celery branch

– 200 g of ginger

– 30 g fresh mint leaves

– 30 g fresh parsley leaves

– 2 cucumbers (650 g)

– 2 sachets of spinach leaves (200 g)

– 300 g of kale

– 4 lemons (800 g)

– 10 oranges (2 kg)

– 900 g of carrots

– 950 g raw beetroot

– 2.8 kg of apples


The whole made a total of just over 10 kg for a price of £ 29 + £ 1.25 delivery. This amount is about £ 2.9 per kilo of fruit or vegetables. This price is very expensive for the quantity and quality of the fruit / vegetables received.


We were disappointed when we opened the box. Indeed, we could think that the carrots had been taken out of their plastic bags before being delivered to us, no tops or ground present. The vegetables and fruit offered were not exceptional. Even though we make fresh juices / vegetables every morning we can tell you that 1.5 kg of celery branch and practically 1 kg of beetroots are not easy to eat. Also because of the selection of fruit / vegetables there were not many recipes available and we felt like we were drinking the same thing every morning for a week. I think the people who created these boxes do not make fresh juices because otherwise they would have put other ingredients.


In short for us it is a NO. The fruit and vegetables are no more local than those we can find in Lidl, they don’t even taste better, they are the same, no originality and for an exorbitant price.


Do you know this company? Did you order some boxes with them?