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Located in Peak District, Castleton is a small village surrounded by caves and beautiful walking trails.

When my mum visited me in September we decided to go to Castleton and to have a walk in the mountains. That day, we did a circular walk that starts from the parking of Castleton’s tourist office and which lasted about 8 km.

This walk is very beautiful especially the view from the top of Mam Tor. The part in the gorge is sloping and can be slightly difficult for some people. Overall, this hike is accessible to every hiker level. The landscape is amazing and most of the time we were the only ones walking.

Here are the steps for achieving this walk:

– From the car park cross the main street and take Castle Street. Turn left at the top into Market Place, bearing right above the green into Pindale Road (do not go to the castle entrance). Then turn right between the houses on Cave Dale. Pass the gate and you will find yourself in a limestone gorge with above you Peveril Castle.



-Continue straight until you reach a gravel road. To reach this road you will have to overcome a lot of little gates and pass through high pastureland. Arriving on the gravel road take right and continue until you reach the main road. (You will pass two farms one on your right: Rowter Farm and the other on your left: Oxlow House).

– Cross the road and follow straight through the field to a second road that you need to cross. Follow the sign Mam Tor (followed the right side of Mam Tor). Arriving at the top of Mam Tor (the path is well marked) you will have an amazing view of the Peak District and Castleton Valley.

-Follow the path opposite to the one you took to arrive to Mam Tor, which heads to another summit. Just before climbing this summit (just before the gate, the 2nd one since Mam Tor) take the small path on your right that goes to Castleton.

Follow this path to the end and you will find yourself in the center of Castleton.



Castleton is very nice to visit especially if you like gemstones. It is a traditional English village with a lot of shops and pubs. If you still have time and fancy a drink, you can also stop for a tea and taste the famous Bakewell tart.


Are you ever gone to Peak District? Where do you go hiking?