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Because winter has arrived I have the urge to drink hot beverages while watching TV wrapped in a blanket. It is the perfect time to speak about teas on the blog and nothing better than to start with a great English tea brand: Whittard of Chelsea.


Whittard was founded in 1886 by Walter Whittard and since then continues to provide quality tea to the English population. Today they also offer coffee, chocolate powder, instant teas and plenty of beautiful tea sets.


At home we have all kinds of products from Whittard. Their chocolate powder (the multitude of flavours: raspberry white chocolate, dark chocolate tiramisu, dark chocolate peanut butter), their instant teas diluted in warm or cold water (perfect during the summer) and coffees are all to die for. In this article I will only speak about my favourite teas.


Black teas:

It was not easy to choose my favourite because I am a fan of black teas and Whittard has a beautiful collection of black teas. However, I have two in first place and they are the Earl Grey and the Bohemian Raspberry.

The Earl Grey is a blend of black teas from China and Sri Lanka with notes of bergamot and lemon. It is perfect for breakfast or in the afternoon with cakes. £ 5.50 for 100g

The Bohemian Raspberry is a blend of black teas but with a raspberry flavour. It can be a great accompaniment with scones or other biscuits. £ 6 for 100g


Green tea :

I do not generally like green tea but Jasmine has nevertheless conquered me. This is a green tea from southern China that has been infused with jasmine flowers. It is recommended to drink after a meal. £ 6.50 for 100g



I do not spend an afternoon without a cup of rooibos. Among the many I tested the blueberry rooibos is my favourite. This tea from South Africa with a fruity taste is perfect for any time of day. £ 6.50 for 100g


White tea:

To end this list, there is nothing better than a good white tea to enjoy the evening watching television while eating chocolate. The Peony White from China is perfect for that. £ 6.50 for 75g


Teas from Whittard are available online on their website or in their shops all over England.

There are two in Manchester (at the Lowry Outlet and on Market Street).


Do you know the Whittard brand? What are your favourite teas?