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Address: 10 Church St, Manchester M4 1PN

Site internet: http://www.northernsoulmcr.com

Booking: not needed


I discovered this little restaurant this summer with my colleagues. In my opinion, this is a fast food restaurant. I had passed several times in front of it and I had smelt the tasty smell coming from it but I had never stopped by.


This restaurant is ranked in the 7th position of Manchester restaurants in the Tripadvisor website and it is not for nothing. The menu only contains cheese-based sandwiches. And there is a lot of cheese in them, it flows and it is really tasty.


I had the Mac and Cheese in a plate while Matt had the Mac and Cheese, but in a sandwich form. You’ll laugh, but this was the first time I ate a Mac and Cheese and it was wonderfully appetizing. Besides, I do not understand why I have never eaten this meal before. Who knows sometimes we miss delicious things.


In short, this restaurant is a must to go if you want to eat sandwiches filled with cheese. You’ll understand that the food is greasy but so good that you must stop there at least once before to go for a jogging (because obviously you will have to get rid of this fat later).


The restaurant has a few tables where you can eat, but they are often full so it’s really a place to eat on the run during shopping or while walking.


Have you tested the Northern Soul Grilled Cheese? What did you think of it?