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Area: Gay Village

Address: 15 Richmond St, Manchester M1 3HZ

Tel: 0161 237 9667

Website: http://www.richmondtearooms.com

Booking: It is not possible to book a table for less than 4 peoples during weekdays and less than 6 peoples during weekend. You have to go there and if you are lucky you will have a table otherwise they will take your name and call you when a table is ready. Be careful, you need to be patient as you may wait approximately one hour.


Richmond Tea Room was the first tearoom that I tested when I arrived in Manchester because it was the only one referenced in my travel guide.

Why to go there? For its interior design, its ambiance inspired by the book Alice in wonderland.

When to go? Anytime during the day is fine and you will be able to find something to eat or drink.

And if I don’t like the tea? No worries, Richmond Tea Room offers a large selection of milkshakes, coffee and also an afternoon tea with beer or glass of sparkling wine.

What did I think about this tearoom? I went there with one of my girl friends for an afternoon tea and we tried “the Queen’s tea” (£18 per person).


I really enjoyed the variety of tea, which are not ordinary and allowed us to discover new teas and flavours. The amount of food on the platter was enough for two peoples and the assortment of tartlets and cakes was delicious.

I was not fond of the finger sandwiches, which even though tasted good, were in my opinion ordinary (egg/mayonnaise, tuna, and ham/cheese). I would have appreciated more novelty. However, this is my point of view and my friend enjoyed all of them.

I disliked the service of the tea. The leaves were at the bottom of the teapot and it was impossible to remove them once the tea was infused. I was not able to drink the whole teapot due to the strong taste of the tea.

To resume, Richmond Tea Room is a good tearoom, in which you need to go at least once to admire the decoration influenced by the universe of Alice in wonderland. It is nice to go with your children or simply if you want to remind your childhood. Unfortunately, I think they should do something about the service of the tea.

Visited for the last time in October 2014.


Have you been to Richmond Tea Room? How did you find this tea room?