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Address: Orange Building, Media City, Manchester, M50 2HE

Tel: 0161 672 6388

Website: http://www.caurestaurants.com


Last September, we went with my colleagues to CAU restaurant to celebrate the end of the thesis of one of us. I had heard very good feedback about this restaurant and when my colleague asked me to organise his farewell party I immediately thought of the CAU.


The CAU restaurants (Carne Argentina Unica) are as the name suggests specialised in the preparation of Argentinian dishes. There are several restaurants in Manchester but in this article we will talk about the one in Media City UK.


We started the evening with some drinks and the service was fairly quick. We had received by mail an advertisement from CAU in which they were offering us a bottle of wine, so it was not difficult for Matthieu and I to choose what to drink. Following the drinks, some people had ordered starters and again they were served quickly.


For the main course I took the Tapa cuadril with chunky chips and Matthieu chose the medallion with chunky chips too. Oddly, they served us the meat first and brought the sides once everyone was served. Because we were 26, the first people served had to eat their meals cold or without their sides if they wanted to eat while the meal was still hot. The meat was good, tender and tasty but unfortunately it was too salty. Fortunately, the chunky chips were not and helped to ease the taste of salt. Moreover, some of my male colleagues have found the quantity insufficient.


Most of us were still hungry so we ordered desserts. Matthieu and I shared the churros con dulce de leche which were very good (and not too salty).


Therefore, my opinion is reserved on this restaurant. I think they were not used to such a big table which caused them a few problems during the service but that does not excuse the extremely salty food. Although the dessert increased my rating of this restaurant I don’t think that I will go back.


Have you eaten at CAU? Did you like it?