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Eating a pie here in England is a very common things and every pub has one in its menu. This is a traditional dish that is declined at the infinite. Historically the pies made their appearances in the Greeks and Romans food long time ago, but the ones we know come from the Northern European countries. The crust of Pyes as they were called in England in the Middle Ages served to protect the food and to store it and was not eaten by the population. Nowadays this crust is an integral part of the pie. It was Elizabeth I who introduced the fruit pies after eating a cherry pie. Now pies are both savory and sweet.


It was with a sudden urge to eat a traditional pie that we found this small restaurant, which only offers pies and beers.


Pies are quite varied with or without meat and all come with a thick sauce and mashed potatoes. The portions are generous and most of the time we had trouble finishing our plate. The meats here are unusual and you can eat rabbit, venison, crocodile, zebra and other exotic animals. Vegetarian pies are also very good, plentiful and tasty.

The beer studio is well supplied with Ales from all over UK and also lagers from other European countries.

It is possible to test the draft beers and to choose the one you like the most.

This is a perfect restaurant to bring the family while they are visiting Manchester. The atmosphere is cozy, the waiters are very welcoming and the music is not too strong, which allows you to have a conversation without yelling, beers and excellent food for a reasonable price.

If you have never been there we recommend it.


For those who have already been there what did you think of this restaurant?