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Lyme Park is a wide property, which includes a park, a garden and a mansion, located in Stockport on the edge of Peak District. This property belongs to the National Trust since 1947.

In this article, I want to talk about two things you can do in Lyme Park but of course there are many others.


The first thing you can do is to visit the manor and the garden.

Price: £ 7 for parking + house and garden: £ 11 per adult and £ 5.50 for children. Free for national trust member.

The first time we went to Lyme Park was about a year ago, we had just taken the subscription to the National Trust and therefore we chose to visit the properties near us.

The mansion, owned by the Legh family for over 600 years, was the location of films shooting such as Pride and Prejudice (1995) Forsyte Saga (2002), The Awakening (2011) and The Village (2014). The interior is richly decorated with furniture left by the former owners. The dimensions of each room of the manor and the sculptures on the furniture, ceiling and walls are breathtaking. The details are really magnificent. It’s a cozy place, worth visiting for learning more about the aristocratic life at that time.


Inside the house

The garden consists of a maze of flowers, a rose garden, an orange grove and a pond. The walk through the garden lasts about 1:30 and is very nice especially in spring when the flowers bloom. It’s a beautiful place to take pictures, relax and enjoy the sun when it is among us.


The second thing you can do is a walk in the park.


Parking price: £ 7 per car

The park is huge and very popular on sunny days. Families love to come strolling, eating with friends and playing all kinds of ball games. It’s also a great place for hiking. The Office of the National Trust will give you a detailed map with walking ideas. Here is a very nice walk especially to have a beautiful view of Manchester and its surroundings.

It starts from the car park at the foot of the manor and takes about 3 hours (8km).

-Cross the car park (opposite the office of the National Trust, to the woods), pass the gate that leads to Gritsone Trail. Follow this path until to meet another gate. You will go through the forest by the lower path.

-At the other door (the forest should be behind you and lands in front of you) turn left to follow the Gritstone Trail. Follow this path for a while. You should follow a stonewall on your left.


the Cage


-At the top of a hill you will see two stairs one after the other on the left. Cross the stairs and you will find yourself again in the property of Lyme Park (the stonewall should now be on your right). Walk through the forest and continue on this path until you reach another wall in front of you. Cross the wall (you will find yourself again in the fields) and go left. Walk along the wall to go down onto the road to the East Lodge. You should see the Cage (old tower) in front of you.

Get up the hill and head to the Cage for a magnificent view of Manchester.

-From The Cage return to the Lyme Hall and parking.


You can eat at Lyme Hall and Timber Yard. If you go early in the morning you can watch the deer. Dogs are allowed on leash.


View from the Cage


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Do you know he Lyme Park? What do you think of it?