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Hmm what to say about Birmingham? Unfortunately not much, except that it is the second largest city in England and that it is on the train line London – Manchester in the heart of the Midlands.


I thought that Birmingham was a city which must be visited. So, I took the opportunity to go to a meeting at the University of Birmingham and stay there during a weekend. My colleagues told me: You are going to Birmingham this weekend. Why? There is nothing to do!!! Coming all from Manchester, I thought that they were a little bit chauvinistic. Well no! They were right.


So I went by train to Birmingham University (2 hours from Manchester), which I must admit is more beautiful than Manchester. The campus located outside the city is huge and filled with parks, which surprised me.


Back in the centre of Birmingham, I went to get my partner at the train station. We found the city deserted at 9 pm and had to desperately walk in search of a pub for a beer. After finally finding a pub and drinking our pint, the waiter came to tell us that they were going to close. It was 10:30 pm a Friday night of March in the city centre of Birmingham. Um, really weird!!! What do the Brummies do on Friday night?




The next morning we went to visit the Jewellery Quarter and the museum. Again on the road to the museum we found it strange to not see people. However, the museum was really good and worth seeing.


Following this visit, we returned to the centre for a walk around the town hall, the library (which I think as the structure of a cake) and other ancient monuments. There were still no people in the streets. We really started to worry.


Then, at the corner of a street, we saw the Bullring shopping centre and we understood why the streets were deserted. The mall was literally crowded, impossible to approach the entrance of the stores; the noise was so unbearable that we quickly went out.


We found at the foot of Bullring a large market in the style of the Provençal markets, with the sun less obvious. I must admit that I would be happy to have the same market in Manchester. The prices were correct and the wide choice of fruits and vegetables was amazing compared to the poor choice in the Arndale Market (market in the Manchester shopping centre).


In short, after all these emotions, we left for Manchester.


Bull ring shopping center


Why go to Birmingham?

-Because you don’t believe me and you want to make your own opinion. Which is absolutely normal.

-You go there by train.

– You love shopping, especially amongst the crowd. Everybody has different taste.

– You want to hear the Brummies accent !!! You will love it.


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Have you been to Birmingham? What do you think of this city?