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Today I wanted to talk about the weather in Manchester because all Europeans have some priori about the English weather and we have all heard that it is execrable. Today, I am confirming this idea about the English weather! In Manchester, the days where it is not raining, not drizzling, not misting (and others synonyms of rain) can be counted on one hand.


This morning the sun had decided to show its face (don’t know for how long), so I thought that it would be a good idea to review the weather in Manchester.


Ms or Mr weather:

As I am from the South of France, I have always had a habit of watching the weather forecast before going out of my house, in order to know what to wear or to plan the activities for the coming weekend. Here (in England) Ms or Mr weather (depending on which TV channel you watch) is totally useless because everyday they say the same thing: “Today, it will be sunshine and showers”. The first time I heard that I sceptically looked at Matthieu and asked him “Why do they use shower instead of rain? It is strange, no?” We had the answer to our “why” question because when it rains here it is the same as having a 15 minute shower with your clothes on. After watching the weather forecast every morning for a week, we decided to stop due to the instability of the Mancunien weather.


4 seasons in one day:

In Manchester, there are not four seasons during the year but rather four seasons in one day. The weather changes nearly every hour (my iphone goes crazy with updates). You can wake up with a beautiful blue sky, have a grey sky by the lunchtime and have tea at 4 pm under the rain. Hence, the “showers and sunshine” in the weather forecast.

One morning during my first winter in Manchester, I woke up and saw an amazing blue sky; I thought that it was a perfect day to ride my bike to work. 30 minutes later, I arrived at work looking like a snowman. This type of weather is annoying as it makes it difficult to plan your weekend activities in advance. However it is also nice to know that even though it may be raining in the morning, the afternoon can turn out to be very nice.


Old Trafford stadium under the snow


The Mancunien heat wave:

The other day (beginning of August) during a business trip to Cumbria (North of England), I received an email from the university saying that a heat wave was predicted for the week after and that the university recommended drinking a lot of water, staying in the shade, etc. Excited that the summer was finally amongst us, I went to have a look at the BBC weather forecast to check this summer temperature. 25°C, what ? Is this the heat wave? Yes, for a mancunien it is, they have made my day! The summer in the lab is a little bit like a war with the air con between my colleagues and I. They turn it on, I turn it off. “But Mélodie, it is too warm, you don’t understand”. Hmm no! They turn it on all the time, and you end up with a temperature of 17°C in the office and with a bad cold.


The other day I asked: “ Guys, when is the really summer?” They answered saying that it was finished. It is the second year now that I have missed the summer and yet I have been in Manchester during July and August. Maybe next year I will have better luck with the English weather.


But we still love the English weather:

Even though I complain, I like Manchester’s weather for many things:

-The temperature is nearly the same all the year around, so I don’t need to change my wardrobe for each season as the summer clothes with an overcoat become winter clothes. Resulting in a lot of saving.

– No need to find an excuse to stay at home watching TV during the weekend. “It is raining, what do you want me to do?”

-It is the perfect excuse to drink tea and bake/eat cakes. “It is raining, I need to occupy myself”.

-In addition, no need to find an excuse to watch all sport on TV. “It is raining so I can watch the football game and it is not like we had something planned”. (My partner’s preferred sentence). “Why did I take BT sport?”

-Above all, because of the sky. Every day the Mancunien sky, shows us spectacular colours like in fabulous painting.


View from our balcony

What do you think about the English weather?