Escape game is a new game that you should definitely try if you haven’t tried it already. For those who don’t know; the aim of this game is to solve enigmas in order to find your way out of the room.


There are different companies in Manchester, which offers several games but in this article I will talk about Breakout Manchester, which is the one that we tried with my colleagues.


Occasionally we organise activities to spend a day together outside of the lab. Thus, last January we decided to give escape game a try. We liked it so much that we went back for a second round in July.


The game:

In a team from 2 to 5 people, you enter a room, which perfectly reflects the theme of the selected game. In our first game, “Sabotage”, the room represented a break room in a military camp, while in the second game that we tried, “Virus”, we were thrown inside the biology lab. Once you are in the room, the clock starts and you have one hour to find the solution, which will unlock the room. Different rooms compose each game and you need to open all of them. One person from Breakout Manchester will observe you on camera and send you some advice via the TV screen in the room if they want to help you to resolve the game.


Theme of the game:

Breakout Manchester offers 5 different games, which you have to select when you book online. We tried Sabotage and Virus.

In Sabotage you are a special agent and have a mission to find the codes to dismantle the launching of a bomb. It is the more difficult of all.

In Virus, you are a scientist and have a mission to find the cure the virus, which will destroy the world.


What happened at the end of the hour?

If you were successful in getting out of the room before the time end, you have the chance to take a picture with a sign saying that you won. Otherwise you will have the one saying that you were locked in. Therefore do not worry, you won’t stay locked inside the room, they open the door once the time is finished, only your ego will take a blow.


Why did we like it?

This game is really stressful; the hour passed very fast and at the end even the most tranquil person became overexcited. Teamwork is essential and will determine if you win the game or not. The need to look everywhere in the room, to think, to try to understand what they wanted us to find were interesting. Most of the time we tried to do things more complicated than required.


It is a very good activity to share with family, friends or colleagues during a winter day or even a summer one. This game is kind of addictive and we want to know if we are able to solve the other games, so I think that we will go back.


Book well in advance especially if you have more than one team.


What about you, have you tried this game? What did you think of it?