Address: Liverpool Road, Manchester, M3 4FP


Opening time: everyday from 10am to 5pm

Duration: 3 hours minimum

Free Entry


If you have time to do only one museum during your stay in Manchester, I advise you to go to the MOSI. If it is raining and you don’t know want to do, just go to the MOSI.


Opened in 1983, the MOSI is now composed by 5 buildings, which are:


-Great western warehouse: It is the biggest of the five and shows all the scientific discoveries, which happened in Manchester. There is also a working demonstration of the old industrial loom. The first floor is dedicated to the children and their learning of sciences thanks to games.


-Power Hall: In this one you will learn more about the different ways of producing electricity and how trains operate.


-In the Station building and the 1830 Warehouse building the exhibitions are changing along the year but are usually linked to the story of the industry in Manchester and the life of the mancuniens during that period.


-Air and Space Hall: this last building shows planes and cars from different eras.


Throughout the academic year, the MOSI organises on Saturdays (see website for the dates) a “Meet a scientist” day in partnership with the University of Manchester. Last year I had the chance to participate in this day as a scientist and thus to try to teach teenagers/children about nuclear chemistry. I really enjoyed this day. The biggest challenge was to explain, with basic vocabulary a complex subject. This was an enriching experience for the children as well as the parents and the scientists. Most of the time people reproach scientist for not using easy words to explain their subject and for not going out of their lab. Thanks to this kind of day both communities have the opportunity to think and talk about science.


Why go there?

  • To discover the scientific innovation created in Manchester
  • To enrich its knowledge about the industrial revolution
  • To teach children sciences using games
  • To go to the “Meet a scientist”day
  • Because it is raining and you don’t know


Did you visit the MOSI? Did you like it?