Visit of Mull, Staffa and Iona Islands

During our last stay in Scotland we decided to do one-day boat trip. Among several companies and itineraries, our choice was for Staffa tours and their excursion on the three Islands of Mull, Staffa and Iona.



Price: £60 per adult, £30 per child

Duration: 10h


I have to admit than when I booked online the tickets for four people, I though that the price was quite expensive but in reality it is not. The price includes the tickets for the ferry from Oban to Craignure on Mull Island, then the bus from Craignure to Fionnphort, then the boat from Fionnphort to Staffa Island, then the boat from Staffa to Iona and back to Oban.


The travel was very well organised, if you are lucky and that it is not raining, you will have a beautiful view on the Scottish coast and you would be able to imagine what everyday life on these islands is like.


On the day of your excursion, you will have to go to Staffa office to take your tickets. You can park your car at the parking of the Ferry in Oban (£5 the day). In addition to your tickets, the members of Staffa tours will give you a detailed explanation of the proceedings of the trip.


Oban’s harbour


10 am: Start with the Ferry from Oban to Craignure on Mull Island. The boat is huge and for those who are seasick, they won’t have any problem. There is a coffee shop and toilets on the ferry.


After around 1 hour of navigation, you will arrive at Craignure where a bus from the company is waiting to drive you to Fionnphort. The travel is about 1 hour long and will take you across the amazing countryside of Mull Island. The bus driver was very pleasant and told us a lot of funny stories about Mull Island, the inhabitants and the history.


Fionnphort, Mull Island


At Fionnphort, you will embark a smaller boat, which will take you to Staffa Island. You will stay on this Island for around 1 hour and half where you can walk to the Puffins colony and visit the cave. The Puffins are normally visible on Staffa around the middle of April to the middle of August but unfortunately for us this year on the 3rd of August they had already been.


After visiting Staffa, you will be transported to Iona Island for a visit of also around one and a half hour. There you will find some shops and restaurants.

Finally after all that, you will find your way back to Oban and arrive around 7:45 pm.

I can assure you that the only thing you will want to do is sleep.


Staffa Island


Despite the incessant rain, we all appreciated this excursion. Staffa Island is something very exceptional and to be absolutely visited. I would have been happy to see the little puffins but as we say we can’t control nature. Iona Island is also interesting to visit even though it is less atypical than Staffa. Nevertheless it is not less astonishing thanks to the people living on it all year around. The gardens with a view on the sea are well maintained, relax the traveller and give them the impression that time has stopped. Moreover, it is easy to imagine the hardship task that is to do their shopping or everyday needs. When living in the big city where everything is close to us, we forgot how in someplace such very basic things as buying furniture or food could take a full travel day.


Which Scottish Island did you visit?


Gardens of Iona Island